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    The Ken-Ton School District is committed to keep the health, safety and well being of our students a priority.  On this page, you will find helpful links which parents, students, teachers and the community can utilize to keep our children healthy. 
    Edison Students to "Back to the Roots" for Nutrition
                                                                 Edison Herbs
    With the help of a Betta fish named Eddie, teachers and food service staff at Edison Elementary School are teaming up to pilot a unique educational experience that introduces students to subjects such as  sustainability, agriculture, aquaculture, and hydroponics. To learn more about the program check out:
    District Wellness Week
    Each year we celebrateg Wellness Week in March as a way to celebrate living a healthy live style.  In addition to the district-wide theme days, the district is sponsoring many other fun activities as well.  Stay tuned for more information about specific events being offered to celebrate the week as it gets closer.
    Wellness Policy Update
           The Ken-Ton District Wellness Policy has been updated to incorporate the federal mandates of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, 2010.  The nutritional standards we will use for all food items will follow the "Safe Snacks in Schools" rule.  Please click on the Wellness brochure link to find out more information on our updates.
    Fruit and Veggie of the Month
          With the start of a new school year, Ken-Ton UFDS will once again have a featured Fruit and Veggie of the Month.  Each month we will select a fruit and veggie to highlight.  As a part of the program, students will learn about the benefits of the foods in school, have an opportunity to try them as a part of the lunch program and use the recipe on the back of the lunch calendar to make a fun recipe at home.